Azmairnin Jadavji, AllCleared Founder and CEO


Azmairnin Jadavji, Founder & CEO, founded Pardon Services Canada, now rebranded as AllCleared, in 1989 when he realized that 1-in-8 Canadians have a criminal record and many of those individuals were unaware of their right to apply for a Pardon, now known as a Record Suspension.

For the past 30 years, while growing AllCleared, Jadavji has also been a legislative advocate for individuals with a past criminal record and has built awareness in communities across North America about Record Suspensions, US Entry Waivers, Canadian Entry Waivers, and most recently, laws surrounding the cannabis pardon debate.

Always interested in politics, Jadavji’s dedication to helping people with criminal records came when he worked as a data entry clerk for Correction Canada over 30 years ago. This job helped him identify the business opportunity that led to the creation of AllCleared and helping people start fresh.

When Jadavji isn’t at the office making a difference to the world around him, he’s spending quality time with his four children encouraging them to succeed in school and business. In his downtime, Jadavji turns to active pursuits in his West Vancouver neighbourhood enjoying running, hiking, and yoga.


Lift the Burden Canada

Over the years’, society’s compassion for people with records has ebbed and flowed. The Harper government increased the application fee for a pardon from $150 to $631, increased wait times and renamed the program “Record Suspension.” The current government has committed to rolling back some of these measures, which Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale called “punitive.”

Jadavji supports change and the government implementing legislation that would put an end to his business altogether if it meant people could start fresh once they were rehabilitated. “We would hope that they would make the process less onerous, less expensive and, in the long term, automatic so that our services are not required,” Jadavji states.

He points to the system in the UK and other countries where certain types of records become spent after a certain period of time. Rather than contributing to crime, these measures would help individuals find work and start fresh. Turning criminals into taxpayers is better for the economy.

Crime rates peak between 18 and 24 and gradually decline as people take on the responsibilities of adulthood and lose interest in risk-taking. The stigma, unfortunately, can last much longer. That’s why Jadavji feels it’s important to incorporate advocacy into the day-to-day work of the company. AllCleared supports the Elizabeth Fry Society and also launched an advocacy campaign, Lift the Burden, asking the government to take action on pardon laws to help those who are trying to shed their past convictions. Hundreds of Canadians have signed the petition and shared their struggles.

Future Outlook

In 2017, Jadavji, together with his son, Louis-Victor, implemented immigration services to their litany of specialties. This department helps US residents with DUIs and minor records come to Canada as well as individuals from around the globe to Live, Work, Study, and Visit Canada.

With Jadavji in your corner, the world simply looks brighter. Turn to industry leader, AllCleared to give yourself a fresh start, whether that be due to a past criminal record or if you are looking for a new life in Canada.

Affiliations: Canadian Club of Vancouver, Lift the Burden, Terminal City Club, Sponsor the Recovery Days (AA & NA), Sponsor the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, LegalLine, Ontario Truckers Association

Azmairnin Jadavji, founder and CEO of AllCleared, is an experienced speaker and advocate. He is available to speak with the media on diverse topics including advocacy for people with criminal records, entrepreneurship, and business. Get in touch at 1-866-972-7366.