AllCleared was pleased to attend and be a sponsor of the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada and Recovery Day BC last week. A Record Suspension is an important step in the recovery journey for many Canadians.

AllCleared offered a free draw for a Record Suspension legal service at the Recovery Day fair on Saturday, Sept. 8. We designed the prize to be transferable, so that people could sign up on their own behalf or use it to support someone they care about. The winner was Cecil of New Westminster.

Drug and alcohol-related addictions play a role in a large percentage of the crimes that are committed in Canada from petty thefts to impaired driving. People in recovery often feel shame and remorse about their past actions. Often this is the drive that sparks change. Record Suspensions in Canada can help people on their journey and promote a new path. It helps them find a new job, volunteer in the community, start a business and take advantage of opportunity. When people have opportunities it reduces the desire to go back to past habits that no longer serve them.

The fact that less than three percent of the people who receive a pardon or Record Suspension ever reoffend demonstrates that this is a successful program.

AllCleared was proud to be a sponsor of this supportive and fun community event. If you would like to know if a Record Suspension can support you in your goals, contact our client advisors for a free, confidential consultation at 1-866-972-7366.