AllCleared is a company with a success rate of over 99 percent assisting clients in obtaining their Canadian pardons. We want to share with you some of our success stories. Perhaps you’ll recognize either yourself or someone else – a friend, relative, neighbour, coworker – as we relate these inspiring, encouraging, and sometimes heartwarming accounts.

This one comes from a client of ours who unfortunately made a mistake as a young adult. Two weeks after buying his new car, he was foolishly showing off, racing, and lost control, crashing into a light. He totalled his car, then spent the next three years paying for a vehicle he no longer had! This by itself was a good lesson in learning how to become responsible for one’s own actions. He is especially thankful that he didn’t hurt himself or anyone else in this accident. The results could have turned out far worse than a dangerous driving charge.

He was 19 when he received his conviction. Since then, he’s not been in trouble with the law other than receiving one speeding ticket in the past 15 years. He’s now trying to live his life by example for his children. He’s held the same job for 12 years and has started his own business. Now that he has been granted a Canadian pardon, he will be able to leave the country to attend conferences and missions through his church plus take his children on holidays to places like Disneyland. A record suspension has allowed him to resume him family life.

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