If you have worked in Canada, this can help your application for Permanent Residency. The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is a category under the Express Entry program.

The Canadian government values Canadian experience because it means the person already has the skills to adapt to life in Canada. If you have had an opportunity to work in Canada and have decided to stay, that’s a pretty good indicator that you will be a successful immigrant.

What are the requirements for the Canadian Experience Class?

There are some criteria you will need to meet in order for your experience to be considered under this class:

  • Meet the minimum language requirements in English or French. This requirement will vary depending on the position.
  • Have one year of full-time experience or the equivalent in part-time work within three years of applying. Self-employment does not qualify.
  • Have post-graduation work experience. Positions held while attending college or university in Canada do not qualify. As well, co-op placements do not qualify.
  • Have held a full-time paid position, or a part-time paid position with an equivalent number of hours.
  • Have held the proper work permits when you were working. You cannot apply if you worked in Canada illegally.
  • Be planning to work outside of Quebec. (Quebec manages its own immigration programs).
  • Have held a position that meets the right criteria (see below).

What types of positions qualify for the CEC?

Skill Level 0: These are generally management positions. You may find it hard to find a management role within two years of graduating, but it is possible.

Skill Level A: These are skilled and professional positions that often require a university degree and even post-graduate degrees.

Skill Level B: These are skilled trades and technical positions. You may need an apprenticeship or vocational training.

The skill levels that are excluded are jobs that require only a high school diploma and / or on-the-job training, such as restaurant workers and labourers.

As well, there are a few exempt positions in Skill Levels 0-B, including administrative roles, retail and restaurant supervisors and cooks.

Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is not considered Canadian experience. However, it is still worthwhile because it will add to your points. In addition, you can apply for a post-graduation work permit. If you find a skilled position that meets the requirements and you keep the position for one year, you can apply for Express Entry under the Canadian Experience Class.

Are you interested in becoming a Permanent Resident? Canadian work experience can help you reach your goals.