Some common complaints often heard on a regular basis are: Where is my criminal record check; it’s been four months? and Why haven’t I received my pardon yet; it’s been ten months? If you are wondering the same thing, you are not alone. The unfortunate reality is that the RCMP and the Parole Board of Canada are burdened by a mountain of paperwork to accommodate criminal record checks and Canadian pardon (record suspension) applications. Therefore, processing these services takes a considerable amount of time.

In most situations, you can expect a RCMP record to be returned in six to eight months. For a record suspension to actually be completed, expect a 12-18 month period. If you have a complaint about the time it takes to see these tasks completed, it is a federal issue; and we recommend contacting your local member of parliament to express your concerns.

Receiving a pardon enables a person to live just as if he had never committed a crime – a pardoned crime will not be disclosed on a criminal record check provided by the RCMP. A clean criminal record is a requirement for moving forward, and applying for a pardon is the route to follow. Obtaining a pardon is a long process, so it’s best to start well in advance. Seeking the assistance of a pardon services specialist will make that process easier and provide the assurance needed.

Pardon Services Canada is the oldest Canadian company offering professional support to individuals in obtaining record suspensions and serves as an advocate for Canadians to exercise their lawful rights under the Criminal Records Act of Canada (CRA) and the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) of the United States. Since 1989 the company has successfully assisted over 100,000 Canadians to overcome the obstacles of a criminal record and live a record-free life.