A criminal record can hold you back in many ways. However, it doesn’t have to be a life sentence. If you have experienced any of the limitations below, you should consider sealing your record with a Record Suspension.

1. Easily find a place to live

If the rental market is tough where you live, it will be even worse once you’re convicted of a crime. This is because many landlords ask you to agree to a record check on the rental application. You might still be able to find a home, especially if you can explain that your convictions were minor or very old, but you’ll probably have to apply to many more rentals than you would if you had a clean record.

2. Become a teacher

As much as the world needs more teachers right now, few schools will accept potential teachers with a criminal record. Employers in this field always require a background check before hiring you. They may decide not to hire you after viewing your record.

3. Get into the medical field

Becoming a nurse, doctor or any other type of medical professional is awesome because you get to help people. However, employers may not be willing to take a chance on you with a record. The may ask you to do a Vulnerable Sector Check,as well. A Vulnerable Sector Check reveals any sexual offences even if you have a Record Suspension. If you don’t have a Record Suspension, employers might be concerned about any prior drug offences, especially if you’ll be working in proximity to any prescription drugs. They may also be concerned about any history of assault. They are risk adverse and will choose a candidate without a record.

4. Work with kids

If you like being around children, you should keep your record clean because any past crimes might bar you from getting a job at a day care or preschool. If you try to open your own preschool or day care in your home, officials may deny your licence. The day care field is competitive. Employers will prefer to hire someone without a record.

5. Get a gambling job

If you have a criminal record, you might find it hard to start a career that involves off-track betting, racing, or working in a casino. This is because such employers typically have to run background checks on applicants. In fact, you may have to get a licence. Casinos have to be strict with who they hire because employees often handle a lot of money, and they don’t want to risk issues with stealing or organized crime.

6. Handle money

Employers may not want to hire you in a position that involves responsibility for cash. This is especially true if your conviction was for fraud, theft or any other crimes involving money. This could keep you from getting a job in fields ranging from finance to retail.

7. Get bonded for your business

You might think you’ll just open your own business if you can’t get a job due to your criminal background. But make sure that business doesn’t require you to be bonded or you may run into issues getting insured. Job titles that usually require the company to be bonded include contractor, maid, accountant and repair person.

8. Volunteer

It can feel good to spend your free time helping others, but you might be discouraged to find that many places that accept volunteers expect a clean record. This might not apply at the local food bank or soup kitchen, but it does at schools or anywhere you’ll be alone with those you’re serving or have access to their home.

9. Get a government job

If you’ve always wanted to work for the government, keep your record clean. People love to criticize what the government is doing with their taxes. Even if a record doesn’t pose an issue, there might be people trying to make it into one. Risk adverse bureaucrats may request record checks. The same problems may arise if you decide to run for local government or boards. Some cities and towns have rules stating that candidates must pass a record check to qualify.

10. Become a police officer

Not surprisingly, you need a clean record if you want to be a police officer. In fact, even a minor offence will make it hard for you to get hired. If you want to apply to become a police officer, you get a Record Suspension first.

11. Buy a firearm with a criminal record

In order to obtain a firearms licence, you must undergo a background check, which includes criminal records. Furthermore, depending on the type of record, a person may have a firearms ban issued by the court. A pardon or Record Suspension will not remove a firearms ban.

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