We’ve all made mistakes in our youth and many of us managed to avoid getting caught or facing serious consequences for our actions, but there are some people who weren’t so lucky. Imagine if the mistakes you made when you were 19-years old continued to affect your everyday life, from accessing proper education, housing to decent employment. Doesn’t seem fair, right? At AllCleared, we meet and help people every single day in this particular situation. For example, Maria, at 19-years old, had a terrible temper and hadn’t yet learned how to curb her anger. She did not appreciate the consequences of her actions, nor did she understand the lasting hold her immature choices would have on her future. Maria made a mistake at 19, one that would limit her choices then and now. Maria, now 50-years old, has been trying to make up for her rocky past and start fresh. She has kindly shared with us her journey and is happy for us to share it with you so you too can get a record suspension (Canadian pardon) and change the direction of your life.

At 19-years old, Maria was living with her father. Her father, divorced, was in a new relationship with a woman who Maria didn’t get on well with. Their relationship, at best, was a complicated one. They fought constantly, almost on a daily basis. One day, in particular, their argument got very heated, horrible things were said to one another and when the fight was over Maria carried so much resentment and anger towards her father’s girlfriend that she wouldn’t let it drop. In a moment of poor judgment, Maria decided to write her father’s girlfriend a hate-filled letter.

Without conscious thought or knowledge of the lasting impact of her actions, Maria wrote down all her negative feelings towards her father’s girlfriend, told her to leave their premises immediately, and threatened her if she did not comply. At the time, Maria had no idea that her letter could be considered as uttering threats and that she could be charged with assault. Unfortunately, Maria was charged and pleaded guilty to assault, not understanding the lasting impact. Maria did not realize this conviction would affect her future so dramatically. It’s important to note that Maria had nothing else on her criminal record, this assault conviction was her only legal altercation and she has been a law-abiding citizen ever since.

This conviction put Maria at a HUGE disadvantage. Fortunately, she studied hard and was able to get Bachelor of Education teaching degree, sadly though, she was essentially unemployable. With an assault conviction, she was not an ideal candidate for teaching and so was caught in a cycle of being unemployed. After some time, Maria was given the opportunity to work, but not as was her lifelong dream of being a teacher.

Maria had learned later in life as do most people, that she could get something called a record suspension (Canadian pardon). 1-in-8 Canadians have a criminal record and most people have no idea that they can apply for a record suspension and put their past behind them. Maria was finally able to use the education she obtained to teach troubled youth and young mothers. Maria has now received her long-awaited record suspension and is in her dream teaching job. For Maria getting a record suspension allowed her to put her young foolish mistake behind her. A record suspension changed her life.

A record suspension can change your life, too! If you made a mistake in your past, don’t let it determine your future. Make the necessary steps to set yourself free. At AllCleared, we make getting record suspensions easier and faster, in fact, we offer an expedited service that can speed up the application process. Call us today for a FREE consultation. We are here to help.

*For the privacy and the protection of our client, names and locations have been changed, but the story maintains its integrity.