Most of us have grand career aspirations, after all, it is what puts food on our table. Having healthy goals is in our DNA. If you want to advance your career and you suffer from a criminal record there is a very good chance that dream job is out of reach.

Having a criminal record is no joke. It limits you in many drastic ways from the ability to freely travel to volunteering at your kid’s school to preventing career advancement. Criminal record checks are an everyday occurrence in the workplace, at schools, and with most organizations that are in need of volunteers.

That said, there is a light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. AllCleared was founded on the concept of helping people with a criminal record get a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon). That means you can clear your record and future-proof your career.

Those of you with a criminal record interested in careers in healthcare, financial services, government, information, and technology, or education have a fighting chance. First, you need to get a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) and then you can begin your new career with a clean slate.

The purpose of a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) is to help people reintegrate into the community, find workobtain housingvolunteer and qualify for other opportunities. So, what exactly is a Record Suspension? Well, it basically means your criminal record will be sealed and cannot be accessed when an organization does a criminal record check.

When you have a criminal record, the RCMP maintains it in a database called CPIC, which stands for Canadian Police Information Centre. Before you get a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon), it can be accessed from this database. Once the Record Suspension is granted by the Parole Board of Canada, the RCMP will be informed and they will seal your record in a separate section of the database that can’t be accessed.

Some people think a Record Suspension will erase the record, but this is not true. In fact, if you were to re-offend, the record would be unsealed and you would have to apply again after another waiting period.

Once you have a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) this means your record has been sealed when an employer or other organization wants you to complete a record check, you could do so confidently, knowing that it will come back clear. This is good news for you and your future.

An application for a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) is made through the Parole Board of Canada. Before you can apply, you must collect a variety of documents such as court records and police checks. Keep in mind, around 30 per cent of applications are rejected due to avoidable issues such as missing information or not being qualified in the first place.

Applying for a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) takes time and a level of expertise to navigate—that’s where we come in. AllCleared provides a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) application service.

Our team of experienced case managers will walk you through the entire process making your life much easier and stress-free. All you need to do is call us at 1-866-972-7366 or email [email protected]. It really is that simple to begin your journey to a life without burden, one that gives you a fresh start so you can future-proof your career.

Contact AllCleared to get started on your application to freedom.