Government jobs are competitive career choices. The pros are compensation, job security, and benefit plans. Jobs available are available with cities, provinces and the Government of Canada. Government jobs aren’t political. The public service includes roles in statistics, finance, parks, policing, maintenance and more. You can even work abroad for the government. There are positions in foreign consulates around the world. Overseas jobs include military or support personnel. Government positions encompass just about every type of job out there! Even if you have a criminal record, you can apply for government jobs.

Careers that require a background check

Receiving a granted Record Suspension means your Canada criminal record is sealed. A Record Suspension is a pardon. Your future employment or education goals will not be hindered by your past. If you have not yet received a Record Suspension, you may be concerned about background checks. But don’t be dismayed; this doesn’t mean that you aren’t eligible! Employers may look at:

  • The nature of the position,
  • The gravity of the offence
  • The recentness of the offence

Applying for government jobs

Understand your criminal record. Cross check it with the job description. The federal government has a centralized system for looking up positions. This is the Public Service Commission website. Check out the list of current opportunities. In particular, look at the information on what is exactly required when applying for these positions.  Also, visit the websites of the federal departments that interest you. The RCMP, for example, lists their job postings. They also display details on how to apply and eligibility requirements.

Understand any restrictions and how they might impact your application. Find out if your record is relevant to the position. Don’t assume that a criminal record will disqualify you from an application. Do some research. Then eliminate jobs that would likely disqualify you. These could include jobs with security clearances or jobs working with children. Have you discovered you are ineligible for a job you really want? Research if there are similar roles. Not all jobs will be directly impacted by your record.

Completing your government job application

Job descriptions and qualifications are just the start. Improve your chances by putting time into the application. Write a thorough and well-constructed cover letter. Tweak and update your resume. Rock the interview! Simple things such as arriving on time, dressing for the part, and making eye contact are all important. Don’t overlook them. In the end, it’s who you are now, not what happened in the past, that counts.

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