For US and Canada travellers, NEXUS cards shorten wait times. They are available to low-risk, pre-approved travellers. Once you have one, you can avoid the line ups.

Benefits of NEXUS cards

Should you apply for a NEXUS card? Firstly, consider the time-saving benefits:

  • automated kiosks at airports 
  • designated vehicle lanes for cardholders
  • faster security clearance at over 150 US airports
  • faster clearance at marine crossings

Are you eligible for a NEXUS card?

Both Canada and the United States review your application when you apply. You could be denied for the following reasons:

  • Inadmissibility to either country
  • A recorded violation of customs or immigration law
  • Un-pardoned offences committed in any country

Applying for a NEXUS card

When you apply, officials check your criminal record. They may find:

  • Criminal convictions: In this case, you were found guilty. Afterwards, you served a sentence. This could be in prison or in your community. Your may have been charged a fine or forfeiture. Possibly you served probation.
  • Absolute and conditional discharges: You did not receive a criminal conviction. However, the judge found you guilty
  • Other non-conviction records: These include things such as withdrawn charges. Unfortunately, these could show up even if you were not found guilty.

To benefit from a NEXUS card, you should have a clean record. Review your record before you apply. Any charges, even withdrawn ones, can prevent you from getting the card.

What can you do? Apply for a Record Suspension

Absolute and conditional discharges are removed automatically. However, there is a waiting period.  This period is one or three years respectively. On the other hand, to erase conviction records, apply for a Record Suspension

After a waiting period of five or ten years, most records are eligible for suspension. A Record Suspension may help you become eligible for a NEXUS card. However, depending on the offence, you may also need a US Entry Waiver.

Are you ready to start the application for a Record Suspension or US Entry Waiver? Please, contact us today at 1-866-972-7366.