Whether travelling to Canada for hunting, fishing, camping or sightseeing, a Temporary Resident Permit will ensure crossing the border is trouble free for individuals with a criminal record.

Pardon Services Canada is now providing assistance to US individuals with a past criminal record that want to travel from the United States to Canada. Visitors with a criminal record seeking to enter Canada are stopped by Canada Customs. Travelers are being denied at airports, ship ports and land crossings, for DWI or DUI offences.  Cindy Inness, a Senior Client Advisor with Pardon Services Canada says, “It doesn’t matter if the person intends to drive while in Canada, that they are in someone else’s car, or whether the offence was classified as a misdemeanor.” She adds, “There are no exceptions.  Even former President George Bush had to get a special permit to enter Canada after his alcohol related driving conviction from 1976.”

As a component of Canada’s Tourism Facilitation Action Plan, Americans wanting to cross the border to visit their Northern neighbour, are able to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). A TRP is issued as a pass for the traveler to visit Canada.

Ms. Inness advises her clients to start the application process well before an anticipated trip to Canada and suggests allowing at least 3 months for the application paperwork. She says, “We often hear clients say they’ve crossed into Canada before without any problems. But the next time the border guard may check whether the traveler has a record and deny them entry.”