Pardon Services Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Orangeville Police Service. This will improve services for Canadian residents.

One in eight Canadians have a criminal record. The majority of these citizens are at a low risk to re-offend. Most offences are minor offences that are well in the past. Every year, thousands of Canadians apply for Record Suspensions (formerly called pardons). This seals their records and allow them to gain new opportunities in employment, travel and volunteering.

The first step in applying for a pardon is to obtain court and police checks. This can be a time consuming process for citizens. It creates added stress, especially for those struggling to find work. Orangeville has entered into an agreement to assist us with these checks. This will speed up service and ensure that personal information is kept secure throughout the process. Faster record checks mean Canadians can move forward sooner.

Benefits of Record Suspensions

Record Suspensions assist citizens with rehabilitation.  They help take away the stigma of a criminal record. Individuals who are able to participate fully in the community are at less risk to offend.

“This agreement is intended to support the continued Police Services involvement in serving their citizens and creating safer communities,” says Chuck Mercier, vice president of Pardon Services Canada. As the former deputy chief of Durham Regional Police Service, Mr. Mercier understands the role Record Suspensions play in helping people overcome their past mistakes.

“We are pleased to be a partner is supporting rehabilitation and helping thousands of Canadians get back on track,” he says.

About Pardon Services Canada

Pardon Services Canada is a national legal services company established in 1989. We process most of the Record Suspension (Pardon) and US Entry Waiver applications in Canada. Our expertise and experience in this area is unique and unequalled. Learn more about Record Suspensions and US Entry Waivers.