A permanent resident is a person who has immigrated to Canada and now has status to live in country. Although it’s permanent, there are ways a person could lose their status:

  • Committing a serious offence
  • Failing to meet the residency requirements
  • Obtaining citizenship

A person with permanent resident status can work for any employer, live anywhere, attend college or university, obtain medical benefits and otherwise enjoy the same benefits of Canadians, except the right to vote, carry a Canadian passport, or serve in the military. They also have the same responsibilities of Canadians, such as paying taxes.

How do you get Permanent Resident status?

In order to become a Permanent Resident, you need to immigrate as a worker, businessperson or family member. Some of the categories under which you might immigrate to Canada include:

  • Provincial Nominee
  • Express Entry
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Business
  • Canadian Experience

What are the residency requirements?

A person must live in Canada two years out of every five. However, working abroad for a Canadian federal or provincial government office, travelling with a Canadian spouse or child, or taking business trips on behalf of a Canadian company can contribute to the two years.

What is the process?

The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship (CIC) staff will review your application to ensure that you are legally in Canada or legally the spouse of a Canadian and meet the minimum requirements.

During the second stage of the application, they will do a background check and request a medical exam.

Can a Permanent Resident become a citizen?

A permanent resident can become a citizen after four years. This is not mandatory although it does carry certain benefits;

  • The right to live outside Canada for longer periods
  • Having a Canadian passport
  • The right to vote
  • The ability to work in certain high security jobs

Other requirements

When travelling as a Permanent Resident, you must carry a Permanent Resident card. This card is mandatory for travelling when entering Canada. You do not need to be in Canada to apply for the card. This card expires every five years.

If you are interested in living permanently in Canada, you have made a good choice. Canada offers excellent educational opportunities, accessible healthcare and good employment opportunity. Contact us today for more information about moving to Canada.