A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) will expire when you leave the country. In some cases, you may be able to obtain multiple entries, but usually it is issued for one visit. Once it expires, you can apply for another TRP, or you can apply for Criminal Rehabilitation. In some cases, you will be inside the country, and will want to renew your TRP.

First, what is a TRP and why would you have one in the first place?

What is a TRP?

A TRP is a permit that allows a person to enter Canada on a temporary basis for a specific reason when they are inadmissible. A common reason for a US resident to be inadmissible to Canada is a criminal record.

How to renew your TRP

A TRP can be issued for up to three years with multiple entries. How long the TRP is issued for depends on the discretion of the officer who reviews your application. You might need a TRP for a longer stay if you are caring for a sick relative, studying or working in Canada. Sometimes you will find that your initial application does not cover the entire duration that you requested or circumstances cause you to need to stay longer than you anticipated.

(Note that if you are studying or working in Canada you would also need permits for these activities.)

If you have not left the country, you can apply to renew your TRP before it expires. Make sure that you send it in time for the immigration office to receive it before your expiry date. Technically, a TRP can’t be renewed, but if your application for a new TRP is granted, you will be able to remain in Canada. However, you must leave immediately if your application is denied.

If you don’t submit an application before The TRP expires or your application is not received in time, you need to leave the country and apply for a new TRP from outside of Canada.

Before you try to renew your TRP, make sure your passport validity is long enough. You can only be issued a TRP within the time that your passport is valid. If it is going to expire soon, take care of this before you apply for the TRP.

If you overstay the expiry date, it can be much harder to get another TRP.

How to become permanently admissible

A TRP is one solution if you are inadmissible to Canada, but if you want to make repeated visits to the country, a permanent option is Criminal Rehabilitation. This application takes longer, but once you are approved, you will have more freedom to visit Canada under the same conditions as other people from your country. For Americans, this generally means visits up to six months with special permits required for working or studying.

An application for Criminal Rehabilitation can usually be made five years after the completion of your sentence. There are no guarantees that you will be able to receive multiple TRPs as this is not the purpose of the program. If you are eligible for Criminal Rehabilitation, you should explore this option.

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