At AllCleared we see numerous people with difficult or traumatic pasts turn their lives around for the better. In fact, we hear success stories on a daily basis. Every record suspension (formerly Canadian Pardon) requires a measurable benefit statement as part of the application process. This statement gives you the opportunity to explain to the Parole Board of Canada as to why you need a record suspension (Canadian pardon). It is an opportunity to describe your past, your current situation, and your future goals—this is your unique story of hard work and determination that lead you to overcome your poor choices of the past.

One client who recently received a record suspension (Canadian pardon) has shared his story with us and we would like to share it with you. Overcoming your past and starting fresh is possible.

Matthew, from a rural BC town, was a happily married man with a young daughter, the light of his life. An entrepreneur, he started his own construction business to pay the bills and support his family. When his wife suddenly and tragically died, he was left to raise their only daughter, Matthew struggled to balance his work hours around his daughter’s school hours. His nine-hour day started too early in the morning and ended many hours after the end of the school day. Having no family to turn to for help and choosing to be a single dad first, Matthew’s business went bankrupt. In an act of desperation, Matthew began growing marijuana to pay off his bankruptcy claim and support his daughter. Only a few months into Matthew’s marijuana grow operation it was raided by the police and he was charged with growing marijuana with the intent to sell and distribute.

After spending time in prison, away from his daughter, Matthew realized his bad choices did not serve him or his daughter. Once his time was served, he knew he had to change his life and be a better role model for his daughter. Matthew left prison with a commitment to make better choices and a plan to start a new business. Since that day, he has dedicated his life to his daughter, his new business venture, and to helping his community.

Although Matthew worked hard for his current success, his criminal record still held him back, in fact, in Matthew’s own words, he felt “incredibly ashamed”. After doing some research, he realized that he could apply for a record suspension (Canadian pardon). Matthew attempted to apply for his own record suspension, but soon realized he wanted to focus on the things that mattered most to him, so he contacted us to organize and file his record suspension application on his behalf.

We are very pleased to announce that Matthew has successfully received his record suspension and put his past behind him. Matthew is just one-in-eight Canadians who have made poor choices in the past and are looking for a fresh start. If you or anyone you know is looking to start fresh, contact us today. We are here to help.

* For the privacy and the protection of our client, names and locations have been changed, but the story maintains its integrity.