Seeing our clients succeed is our #1 goal. Here’s Danielle from Saskatoon, who recovered from her mistake and kept her past from limiting her future.

After 25 years, I realized I needed a record suspension if I wanted a better life for my children. I had minimal employment opportunity, and my wages and benefits were barely helping me get by. It was important to me too, knowing how much motherhood had changed me and how I cherish my children, that I be able to help out with their field trips or go on vacations. My conviction was a small thing in my life, I was charged with possession of marijuana. If I had known even a little bit how that charge would affect my life I never would have done it. I have healthier circle of friends now, I stopped using drugs and alcohol, and I went back to school. I shouldn’t have to live a lifetime of regret when I’ve so intensely learned the error of my actions. My record suspension is proof of that.