Does Bill C-93 give people with a criminal record a better way to start fresh?

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The federal government’s recently-proposed marijuana pardon legislation, Bill C-93, is already under fire. Last week the federal government proposed new legislation to pardon those Canadians previously convicted of simple cannabis possession. The government describes Bill C-93 as “An Act to [...]

Nothing Stops Reoffending Like a Job

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Applying for a job can be very stressful for anyone and everyone, especially if that person has a criminal record. Ban the Box is an American campaign created by civil rights groups and advocates for ex-offenders, aimed at persuading employers [...]

Future-Proof Your Career with a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon)

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Most of us have grand career aspirations, after all, it is what puts food on our table. Having healthy goals is in our DNA. If you want to advance your career and you suffer from a criminal record there is [...]

Hybrid offences and Record Suspensions: A Guide

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Hybrid offences are the most common type of charge in Canada. There are three types of charges and each will affect when you can apply for a Record Suspension. The three types of charges are: Summary (minor) Indictable (more serious) [...]

Criminal record check in Canada: What is it?

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A criminal record check in Canada is intended to help employers, volunteer organizations and others screen applicants and avoid risks. Not everyone with a criminal background is a risk to businesses or organizations; in fact, most don't pose any risk [...]

10 Obstacles Created by Your Criminal Record

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To a certain extent, a criminal record is like an unwanted gift that simply keeps on giving no matter how hard you work to move forward in your life. More than 4.2 million Canadians have at least one criminal conviction, [...]