Does Bill C-93 give people with a criminal record a better way to start fresh?

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The federal government’s recently-proposed marijuana pardon legislation, Bill C-93, is already under fire. Last week the federal government proposed new legislation to pardon those Canadians previously convicted of simple cannabis possession. The government describes Bill C-93 as “An Act to [...]

The New Cannabis Possession Pardon

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The New Pot Possession Pardon On October 17th, 2018, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced further plans by the Liberal Government to introduce legislation for a new pot possession pardon. This pardon will be aimed specifically at individuals that were [...]

Weekend Roundup: Should the government pardon pot convictions?

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Marijuana legalization Government considering pardons for pot possession Applying for a pardon in Canada is a costly and time-consuming process. An Alberta judge describes the process in this CBC interview. Should the government pardon possession charges automatically? Read more at [...]

Weekend Roundup: Marijuana possession convictions could be cleared

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Marijuana legalization Minor marijuana convictions could be expunged MP Bill Blair hinted that the Canadian government could clear simple possession convictions following the legalization of recreational marijuana this summer. Read more at the National Post Trudeau resists calls to delay [...]

Weekend Roundup: Marijuana bill survives senate vote

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Marijuana legalization Cannabis bill survives Senate vote Despite fears that senators would not allow the bill to legalize recreational marijuana to pass, it easily survived second reading. Conservative senators continued to express concerns. Read more at the Georgia Straight Could [...]

Marijuana industry: Can you get a job with a criminal record?

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The marijuana industry in Canada is growing. This year, Canada will be introducing legalized recreational cannabis to the nation, which means a lot of people are excited about possible employment opportunities. Medical marijuana companies, which are expected to also be [...]