Future-Proof Your Career with a Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon)

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Most of us have grand career aspirations, after all, it is what puts food on our table. Having healthy goals is in our DNA. If you want to advance your career and you suffer from a criminal record there is [...]

Weekend Roundup: Nova Scotians with criminal records denied housing

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Criminal Records People with criminal records denied housing People in Nova Scotia are being denied housing on the basis of a criminal record. The Cape Breton Housing Authority, for instance, was found to be using provincial court checks to turn [...]

Criminal record check: What is the process?

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It is becoming more common for employers, schools, volunteer organizations and others to request a criminal record check. You may need a  record check for reasons such as: International travel Employment Volunteer work Child adoption Obtaining a Record Suspension Generally, [...]

Pardon Services Canada partners for better service

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Pardon Services Canada is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Orangeville Police Service. This will improve services for Canadian residents. One in eight Canadians have a criminal record. The majority of these citizens are at a low risk to [...]

Criminal Records and Your Career

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If you have a criminal record, you may very well be looking at difficulty in your professional life for as long as you work. A criminal record doesn’t go away simply because you served your sentence. The record has a [...]

How do I rent an apartment with a criminal record?

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If you are looking for an apartment with a criminal record, there are a few things you should know. While a criminal record can hinder your chances of getting the apartment of your dreams, in Canada, there is no law [...]