Weekend Roundup: BC’s first cannabis store hiring

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Legalization BC seeks employees for Kamloops cannabis store The BC Liquor Distribution Branch held a job fair for its first cannabis store this week, but it's unknown how a criminal record will affect employment in the industry. Read more at [...]

Weekend Roundup: How oil patch workers adapted to recession

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Jobs and economy How Alberta workers adapted to recession Alberta oil patch workers explain how they adapted to the downturn in the oil industry by seeking out new trades and opportunities. Read more at CBC News Canada’s service economy booming, [...]

Sun Run 2018: AllCleared takes part in annual event

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AllCleared was proud to participate in the 35th Annual Sun Run on Sunday, April 22. The Vancouver Sun Run is the largest 10K in Canada and the third largest timed 10K in the world with at least 40,000 people participating [...]

Construction jobs and criminal records: Do you need a pardon?

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Working in construction jobs can be a rewarding career for many people. People enjoy seeing the results of their labour, having the opportunity to learn new skills and the ability to work with their hands. Construction can provide an excellent [...]

Job search: Disclosing a criminal record to an employer

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There is a lot of conflicting advice on the Internet about whether or not you need to disclose a record to an employer during a job search. The best advice is that you don’t need to disclose anything unless asked. [...]

Ontario Criminal Record Check: Check your record

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There are many reasons you may need to apply for an Ontario criminal record check. These include: Volunteering Working Applying for a Record Suspension Getting a US Entry Waiver Adoption or fostering Applying for a visa In addition, there are [...]