Getting a pardon in Ontario: Seal your record

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A pardon is essential for many opportunities in Ontario. In the past, Ontario employers only required pardons for sensitive positions, such as health care and teaching. Today, criminal record checks are requested all the time in Ontario even for entry-level [...]

Weekend Roundup: Trump Wants to Pardon Boxer Ali

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Pardons Trump considers Muhammad Ali pardon Trump said he was considering a pardon for the late boxer Muhammad Ali. However, Ali has no criminal record. Read more at the Alaska Highway News More human rights protections needed for people with [...]

Weekend Update: Bill could result in less court representation

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Criminal records Students and paralegals could be prevented from representing accused Fewer cases would be eligible for representation by non-lawyers in provincial court if the government goes ahead with its plan to reduce delays by increasing the sentences for summary [...]

Weekend Roundup: Non-conviction information in Ontario is still being released

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Criminal Records Non-conviction information still turning up in background checks Legislation to prevent the disclosure of non-conviction information was passed two years ago. However, this material at risk of being released as the government works on regulations, says the Toronto [...]

Weekend Roundup: Ontario is considering marijuana lounges

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Marijuana Legalization Ontario could allow marijuana use in lounges Ontario, which plans to sell marijuana through government-controlled stores, is also looking at lounges where people could use marijuana outside of their own homes. Read more at CTV News Critics concerned [...]

Weekend Roundup: Will driverless trucks hurt jobs?

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Jobs Are driverless trucks a threat to Canadian jobs? Fortigo Freight is the latest company to pre-order Tesla’s electric, autonomous trucks which will one-day be self-driven. However, drivers will still be needed for short haul routes. Read more at Digital [...]