Who qualifies for a pardon in Canada?

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A pardon, which is now called Record Suspension, seals a criminal record in the national database, which allows you to go on with your life and contribute fully. Once you have a pardon you can apply for jobs and other [...]

The meaning of “Record Suspension” in Canada

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In Canada, the meaning of Record Suspension is similar to “pardon”. In fact, up until 2012, Record Suspensions were called pardons. Basically it means that your criminal record is sealed. When an employer searches your criminal record it will come [...]

Are pardons still available in Canada?

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Many changes have happened to the pardon system in Canada, which can be confusing to people with criminal records. Eventually a person with a criminal record will want to seal it so that they can go on with life. Technically, [...]

Pardon Canada eligibility: Who can apply?

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A person who has been convicted of a criminal offence in Canada will usually become eligible to apply for a Record Suspension after a waiting period. However, there are some exceptions to pardon Canada eligibility. First, you need to consider [...]

Record Suspension: What does a pardon do?

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A Record Suspension (formerly called pardon) seals a criminal record in the national database so that you can apply for jobs and other opportunities with confidence. How does it work? When you were charged with a crime, your information was [...]

Can the Prime Minister of Canada issue pardons?

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The best way to clear a criminal record is to apply for a Record Suspension from the Parole Board of Canada. However, there are some rarely used processes that allow the Queen’s representative (the Governor General) or the federal cabinet [...]