Getting a pardon in Ontario: Seal your record

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A pardon is essential for many opportunities in Ontario. In the past, Ontario employers only required pardons for sensitive positions, such as health care and teaching. Today, criminal record checks are requested all the time in Ontario even for entry-level [...]

Faster Record Suspension processing: Five Tips

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Faster Record Suspension processing is not always possible. When you apply for a Record Suspension (pardon), you will need to wait on several different offices in order to obtain your records. These include the RCMP, local police departments and courthouses. [...]

Pardon fees: Will the government lower them?

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When the Liberals won the election in 2015, many people hoped that they would reverse the Canadian pardon system to pre-2012 rules. However, this does not appear to be what the Liberal government had in mind. The Liberal government embarked [...]

Record Suspension review: Public shares feedback

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The Parole Board of Canada has released the results of its public consultation on Canada’s Record Suspension system. Record Suspension is the current name for what used to be called a pardon. The Record Suspension review is the first step [...]

Common mistakes on Record Suspension applications

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Every year, the Parole Board declines to accept over 25 per cent of applications for Record Suspensions for filing. The reasons usually relate to common mistakes that are easily avoided. If your application is sent back for missing or incomplete [...]

Record Suspension statistics: By the numbers

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Record Suspension statistics show the benefits of having a pardon to the lives of Canadians. If you have a criminal record, you are not alone. In fact, one in eight Canadians has a criminal record. With these kinds of numbers, [...]