AllCleared supports Recovery Day BC and Recovery Capital Conference

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AllCleared was pleased to attend and be a sponsor of the Recovery Capital Conference of Canada and Recovery Day BC last week. A Record Suspension is an important step in the recovery journey for many Canadians. AllCleared offered a free [...]

Getting a pardon in Ontario: Seal your record

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A pardon is essential for many opportunities in Ontario. In the past, Ontario employers only required pardons for sensitive positions, such as health care and teaching. Today, criminal record checks are requested all the time in Ontario even for entry-level [...]

The meaning of “Record Suspension” in Canada

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In Canada, the meaning of Record Suspension is similar to “pardon”. In fact, up until 2012, Record Suspensions were called pardons. Basically it means that your criminal record is sealed. When an employer searches your criminal record it will come [...]

Getting a job: Will a pardon help?

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A Canadian pardon, now called Record Suspension, will help you with getting a job in several ways. Once you have a Record Suspension, you’re cleared to apply for almost any career. Background checks The most significant impact of a Record [...]

Importance of a Record Suspension: Why apply?

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A Record Suspension is an opportunity to create a fresh start. When you seal your criminal record, new opportunities open up. Record Suspensions benefit both the individual and the community. The importance to society includes greater public safety and better [...]

Record Suspension: What does a pardon do?

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A Record Suspension (formerly called pardon) seals a criminal record in the national database so that you can apply for jobs and other opportunities with confidence. How does it work? When you were charged with a crime, your information was [...]