Americans in the Film & Television Industry Can Work in Hollywood North Despite Their Criminal Record

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Hollywood North has been a booming business in and around Vancouver for over three decades, from X-Files to Deadpool, Vancouver has proven time and again, just how perfect it is for the film industry to set up shop. According to [...]

How to enter Canada Despite a DUI

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You may not have heard, but on December 18, 2018 Canada passed Bill C-46, which means a border official is now much more limited in the ability to let you cross without increased scrutiny. Previously a border official could simply [...]

Confidential Shredding Prevents Identity Theft

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Whether Pardon Services Canada is helping clients with a record suspension so they can get bonded for employment, or compiling a travel waiver for someone with a past criminal record, the documents we deal with are highly confidential.  Pardon Services Canada honours your [...]

Using Marijuana can deny you entry to the US and give you a criminal record.

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A report released by Civic Science August 28, 2014, shows most Americans support legalizing, taxing and regulating marijuana in the same way that alcohol is. Based on a poll of 453,653 US based adults over the almost the past two years, 58% of respondents support this approach to marijuana, 7% have [...]