Five-year waiver: How do you get one?

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Applying for a US Entry Waiver is a long process. The best result you can hope for is a five-year waiver. Many people hope that they will get the maximum validity, but unfortunately, it’s not always possible. Sometimes you put [...]

Edmonton Criminal Record Check: How to get it

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The easiest way to get an Edmonton criminal record check is to go to the Police Information Check Station at the Nexus Business Park. If you do not have a criminal record, they can do a Police Information Check that [...]

US Entry Waiver review: What is the process?

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After you file your application at a US border crossing you may start to wonder about the US Entry Waiver review process. First you will take your compiled application to a border or international airport. We will supply you with [...]

Can AllCleared get my US Waiver fast?

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In reality getting a US Waiver fast is a matter of luck. Sometimes your waiver will take a year to process and sometimes you will receive it in four months. The problem is that waivers are processed by the US [...]

Possession: How many Canadians have marijuana records?

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Marijuana legalization is still one year away, more or less, and yet Canadians continue to be charged with possession. Convictions have declined for most drug offences, since the 2015 election; however, there are still inequities in how possession charges are [...]

Documents: What do you need for a US Entry Waiver?

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If you have a criminal record, you may need a US Entry Waiver to enter the United States. There are many documents that you will need to collect in order to apply for a US Entry Waiver. AllCleared can help you [...]