Can you get a Canadian work permit with a DUI or DWI?

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US residents with DUI or DWI will have difficulty entering Canada for any reason. If you need to work in Canada temporarily or even plan on coming to Canada permanently as a skilled foreign worker you will need to resolve [...]

Importance of a Record Suspension: Why apply?

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A Record Suspension is an opportunity to create a fresh start. When you seal your criminal record, new opportunities open up. Record Suspensions benefit both the individual and the community. The importance to society includes greater public safety and better [...]

Weekend Roundup: How oil patch workers adapted to recession

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Jobs and economy How Alberta workers adapted to recession Alberta oil patch workers explain how they adapted to the downturn in the oil industry by seeking out new trades and opportunities. Read more at CBC News Canada’s service economy booming, [...]

What jobs require a criminal record check?

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Job-seeking Canadians are often required to submit to background checks. Mid-employment checks are not unheard of either. Employers perform background checks to ensure that one’s record does not compromise their ability to perform the jobs required. In some cases, employers [...]