A Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) allows a person who is inadmissible to enter Canada. A common reason to be inadmissible to Canada is a criminal record. Temporary Resident Permit fees involve a government application fee. In addition, you should also plan for document fees.

Canadian government Temporary Resident Permit fees

The cost of a Temporary Resident Permit application is $200. It’s possible that this fee could be waived if you have one offence that did not involve jail time, for example, a DUI. You can only receive this waiver once. If you apply for multiple TRPs, you will need to pay the fee each time.

The one-time fee waiver is at the discretion of the officer reviewing your application.

If you don’t want to pay a fee every time you enter Canada, and it has been more than five years since the completion of your sentence, you should consider applying for Criminal Rehabilitation. Once approved, this is a permanent solution to inadmissibility. You will be able to enter Canada subject to the normal restrictions that apply to visitors from your country. US visitors can stay for up to six months without a permit or visa.

Document fees

In addition to the government fee, there are various fees that you would need to pay in order to collect documents to support your application.

These involve fees for collecting police checks and court records. Generally, these fees might be in the $20-$50 range depending on the agency holding the record. There could be multiple fees if there is more than one incident on record. If you have lived in more than one place, you may need to get additional police checks.

An FBI check is $18.

Courthouses have different fee schedules for accessing records. In some cases, they will charge you by page. Sometimes you will be able to access the documents online.

Multiple TRP applications can add up in costs. If you think you will continue entering Canada, consider applying for Criminal Rehabilitation. A Criminal Rehabilitation application takes longer – up to 18 months. However, you can combine a TRP and Criminal Rehabilitation application because many of the required documents are the same. Many people will apply for both. This way they can enter Canada for their upcoming trip, but also receive a permanent clearance down the road.

If you would like assistance preparing your TRP application, contact AllCleared at 1-866-972-7366. We also prepare Criminal Rehabilitation applications and can advise you on your eligibility, fees and other information in a free consultation.

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