The New Pot Possession Pardon

On October 17th, 2018, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale announced further plans by the Liberal Government to introduce legislation for a new pot possession pardon.

This pardon will be aimed specifically at individuals that were previously convicted for possession of cannabis under 30 grams.

What we know so far

Legislation has not been enacted yet so we don’t know exactly what this pardon will look like. We do know that:

  • Your sentence must be complete
  • There will be no additional filing fee
  • There will be no waiting period to apply
  • It will have an application process

Will my pot possession record just disappear?

You will need to apply for the pardon, your record will not just disappear. This application process will likely be similar to the current process of applying for a pardon. The pardon will seal the pot conviction to allow you to have a clear criminal record check in Canada.

Can I Travel to the United States?

The United States does not recognize a Canadian Pardon. The US Border Officer may still know about a past conviction even after the Pardon is granted, making it necessary for you to apply for a US Entry Waiver. You can learn more about a this in our blog Marijuana possession and crossing the US border.

To learn more about the Pot Pardon and US Entry Waiver, contact us today at 1-866-972-7366.