It’s no surprise you are considering a fresh start in Canada. Canada has been nominated by several publications as one of the top 10 countries to live. Canada is known for its impressive and innovative programs in the area of environmental sustainability, accessibility, and inclusivity. Aside from our immaculate cities, innovative educational programs, and stunning landscape, we offer a safe and friendly environment to settle down and raise a family. But, before you hire the movers, order the tickets, and board the plane, there are some things you need to consider.

Immigrating to a Canada is both exciting and overwhelming. First, you make the choice to move and then the real work begins—the application process. The long and arduous process that involves conflicting information as to which forms go with which documents, how long you need to wait, or what skills you need to possess. It is taxing, even for the most diligent of characters.

That said, don’t despair, AllCleared has you covered. We’ve been helping people clear their criminal records with record suspensions (Canadian pardons), for 30 years, but we decided it was high time to hire some experienced immigration lawyers and put our legal expertise to work for people who want to live, work, study, visit, Canada. We now offer full immigrate to Canada services. That means we take the work out of the application process so you can start to plan your adventure and forget about the rest.

If you are working on your express entry application to become a permanent resident of Canada, here are the three most important factors that will be considered by an immigration officer reviewing your application.

  1. Level of Education – Maximum points 150
  2. Official Language Proficiency – Maximum points 160
  3. PNP nomination – 600 points


  1. Level of Education

The first is your level of education. The maximum number of points you can receive is 150 which you would receive for a Doctoral level university degree (PH.D.) As long as you have your high school graduation certificate, you will receive 30 points. If you’ve gone on to obtain a one year certificate (including trade or technical certificates), a two-year diploma or a Bachelor’s degree, you’ll receive 90, 98 and 120 points respectively.

If you have foreign education, you will need to get an Education Credential Assessment which is a report provided by a designated independent company that evaluates your foreign education and specifies whether it is equivalent to a Canadian degree, diploma, certificate or etc. Immigration Canada has designated the following organizations to provide an Education Credential Assessment:

  1. Official Language Proficiency

The next most important factor considered under your express entry application is language. It is very important to the Canadian government that those receiving permanent residency status be able to communicate effectively in either one of the country’s official languages – English or French. If you are proficient in both, even better! You can get a maximum of 34 points for each language ability (reading, writing, speaking and listening) for a total of 136 points. You can get an extra 30 points if you can demonstrate proficient French speaking skills.

This is one factor that we suggest you focus on because it doesn’t take a lot of time to improve your English language skills but you can substantially increase the number of points you have by doing well on your language test. Additionally, you can update your express entry profile anytime with new language test results.

  1. Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Nomination

Receiving a PNP nomination is really the best way to increase your chances of receiving an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada. This is because it is worth a whopping 600 points! While in the last draw the CSR score of the lowest ranked candidate invited to apply for permanent residency was 449, you become a much more competitive applicant with a PNP nomination. There are many PNP’s to choose from. Your choice will depend on which province you want to live in and what skills and experience you have.

In British Columbia, there is currently a tech pilot program for which you can receive a PNP nomination. British Columbia fosters a rapidly expanding tech market that requires individuals with specific tech education and experience to support it.

On the other hand, Saskatchewan’s PNP is focused more so on individuals with farming and trade education and experience. One way to determine which PNP is most in alignment with your credentials is by taking a look at the “In-Demand Occupation List” for each province. After you have created your express entry profile, we highly recommend that you consider taking the extra time to apply for a PNP nomination.

We love Canada and want to see you starting fresh here like so many others before you. It’s a great place to live, work, study, or even visit. AllCleared Immigration specializes in helping people, just like you, start fresh. Please contact us for any support you need applying for your Permanent Residency in Canada. It’s time for that fresh start you’ve been dreaming about and AllCleared is here to help. Call or email us, today.  1-866-972-7333 or [email protected]