There has been increased media awareness of the dangers of traveling to the United States with a Canadian Criminal Record after an ever-growing number of Canadians are being turned away, now needing U.S. Entry Waivers. What about Canada’s other NAFTA partner, the one with the beautiful beaches, lush rainforests, gorgeous resorts and spectacular ruins? Are these also off limits to Canadians with a criminal record? Can a Canadian denied entry to the US also be denied entry to Mexico?

According to Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

“Canadians traveling to Mexico with a criminal record might be refused entry and returned to Canada on the next available flight. Canadians in this situation should contact the Mexican Embassy in Ottawa prior to making travel arrangements.”


“Since March 1, 2010, Canadian citizens, including those with dual nationality, are required to present a valid passport in order to enter and exit Mexico. Canadians without a valid passport will be refused entry and returned to Canada.”

So, Canadians who have a criminal record should take measures before planning a trip to Cancun or Puerto Vallarta to avoid getting turned away at the border.

In addition, even though Mexico has less stringent screening measures than the United States; Canadians with a criminal record face another danger. There are many testimonies of people going to Mexico for a vacation or on business and stopping over in Houston or Los Angeles. When they lay-over in these American hubs they are questioned and sent back to Canada. This is a result of the Information Sharing Acts between Canada and the U.S. You can read more about these regulations in this article.

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