A Vulnerable Sector Check allows you to work with children, the elderly and the disabled. In most cases, when your record is sealed, you won’t have to worry. You can apply for career and/or volunteer positions at:

  • Schools
  • Day cares
  • Hospitals
  • Nursing homes
  • Youth Centres
  • Etc.

However, there is one exception to the rule. If you have sexual offences on your record, they can be revealed for the purpose of a Vulnerable Sector Check even if you have a pardon (Record Suspension).

Will a Vulnerable Sector Check stop me from volunteering?

The Vulnerable Sector Check is an extra-level of screening. Not all organizations can ask for it. They will have to specify the position they are filling and whether it is a volunteer or paid position. The position needs to meet the legal requirements for a Vulnerable Sector Check. The police will not conduct a Vulnerable Record Check if the position does not meet the requirements. As well, the check is only good for the position identified and cannot be used for another position or another organization.

Some police departments will only give the information to the person applying for the job, who can then decide whether to share it. Some will give it either to the applicant or the organization.

Local police stations conduct these checks. They will not fingerprint you unless:

  • Your name, or
  • Your gender and date of birth

match that of a person with sexual offences on file. Then the police would need fingerprints in order to ensure that you are not the same person. You would need to pay for the fingerprints, but some police services waive this fee for volunteer positions.

Working with vulnerable sectors

If you have been pardoned for a sexual offence, you are not necessarily barred from every position in these sectors. They will consider whether the position requires you to be in a position of trust or authority. You could still hold a position in the organization, such as office cleaner or clerk. However, if you are considering a career in any of these sectors, think about how your criminal record could hold you back. You might want to direct your efforts in sectors where a pardoned record won’t be a barrier.

The organization will require your consent to do a Vulnerable Sector check. If you have sexual offences on your record, you have two options:

  • Withdraw your application.
  • Consent, but explain to the organization why the record is not relevant to the position. You may say things like:
    • I received a pardon.
    • I maintained good conduct since the offence.
    • Today, I am a different person than I was then.
    • The circumstances are unrelated.

There is no guarantee that they will agree. They may have rules passed by their board of directors or insurance rules they need to follow. Be calm and understanding. Be prepared to move on.

In most cases, you will get the Vulnerable Sector Check at a local police station. Visit the website of the police service in your area for detailed information. You may receive a discounted fee if you are applying for a volunteer position.

If you want to be able to pursue a career in areas that require a background check, we can help. Contact us today to learn about Record Suspensions at 1-866-972-7366.