BC seeks employees for Kamloops cannabis store

The BC Liquor Distribution Branch held a job fair for its first cannabis store this week, but it’s unknown how a criminal record will affect employment in the industry.

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Ottawa urged to pardon pot convictions

Disproportionate laying of charges against black and indigenous people is just one reason the government should pardon marijuana convictions alongside legalization, say activists.

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Lots of unknowns remain in marijuana legalization

How will Ontario proceed on the distribution of recreational marijuana now that the Conservative government is in power and will the currently operating dispensaries cope with the change?


Public health organizations come out against criminalization

Toronto’s board of health is pushing for the decriminalization of all drugs and a Montreal health department official says it’s a good idea.

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Criminal Justice

Saskatchewan looks at solutions to gang problems

Professor helping to put together community-based solutions on tackling the problem of gangs in the province.

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Will a pardon help with getting a job?

A Canadian pardon or Record Suspension can make a big difference in a person’s job search because it allows them to pass background checks. Learn some of the other benefits.

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Border issues

Marijuana investor seeking waiver to enter US

A Vancouver businessman who was denied entry into the United States due to having investments in marijuana companies says he will seek a waiver.

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Should you leave your phone at home when crossing the border?

Privacy advocates are warning cross-border travellers that their phones and other electronic devices can be searched and confiscated. Would you consider leaving your phone at home for privacy sake?

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Smuggling sausage in diapers plot foiled

The Canadian Border Services Agency says that with the help of their dogs they were able to detect and confiscate sausages hidden inside diapers. “Smuggling sausages in diapers will not work,” they said.

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What is the difference between a TRP and Criminal Rehabilitation

Both a Temporary Resident Permit and a Criminal Rehabilitation application will allow an American to enter Canada with a DUI or other criminal record. Learn about the differences.

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