Weekend Roundup: Government may consider marijuana possession pardons

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Criminal records

Government is considering amnesty for pot convictions

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stated that the government would consider whether people with simple marijuana possession charges should be pardoned, but only after marijuana legalization is in place. In the meantime, offenders will continue to be charged.

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Returning to work after recovery from addiction

A doctor explains what it was like to return to work after being treated for addiction and knowing that colleagues were aware of his past criminal charges.

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Why a conviction is not always helpful

Although many people thought the young woman who climbed a crane and had to be rescued should receive a stiffer sentence, a blogger explains why a criminal record is not always helpful for society as a whole.

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Will the government lower fees for pardons?

Over two years into its term, the Canadian government has still not put forward a bill to reform the pardon system. There are many scenarios they could be considering.

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Can you become a pilot with a criminal record?

A person with a criminal record may encounter challenges if they take on an aviation career, but it is still possible to succeed.

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Border issues

Pre-clearance Act raises concerns

A columnist says we need to be concerned about the powers that are being given to US border officials under the new preclearance act, which allows US officials to search and detain travellers on Canadian soil.

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Trump’s offshore drilling plans raise fishing industry concerns

Plans to open the North Atlantic up to offshore drilling have raised concerns about the Georges Bank, a very productive fishing area that straddles the offshore boundary between Canada and the US.

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Trade tensions with US affect Canadian dollar

The possibility that the United States could pull out of NAFTA caused the dollar to tumble this week. Canada has filed a complaint with the World Trade Organization in an effort to force a deal to be negotiated on softwood lumber.

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Border guards rally for better deal

Over 100 members of the Customs and Immigration Union (CIU) rallied at the Ambassador bridge to call awareness to a lack of progress in negotiations.

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US updates rules for searching electronics at border

US Border guards can search the electronic devices of travellers, but cannot access information stored on the cloud in most cases according to a new policy directive.

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