Marijuana legalization

Government considering pardons for pot possession

Applying for a pardon in Canada is a costly and time-consuming process. An Alberta judge describes the process in this CBC interview. Should the government pardon possession charges automatically?

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Columnist calls for pot pardons

Although the government has announced a date for the legalization of recreational marijuana, they have not yet said what will happen to existing criminal records.

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Canada US border

Bill Blair put in charge of border security

Among the Cabinet shuffle announcements made this week was the creation of a new ministry to handle border issues and organized crime. Bill Blair who had taken on a lead role in marijuana legalization, was appointed as minister to oversee the ministry.

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Growing acceptance of marijuana stops at the border

Recreational cannabis will soon be legal in Canada and many US states have also accepted its use. However, the US federal government’s hardline could spell trouble for travellers.

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Is the US border tracking your marijuana use or employment?

US border guards have been known to ask about marijuana use and even whether people work in the industry. However, how much research are they doing before you even arrive?

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CAA tips for crossing the border

CAA tips for crossing the border include making sure you don’t have a criminal record that could cause you to be denied entry.

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What are the fees for a Temporary Resident Permit?

Fees for a Temporary Resident Permit include the government application fee, plus the various fees required to collect documents needed for the application. Learn how much it costs.

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Case thrown out because no judge available

A $13-million fraud case was stayed in Toronto because there was no judge available to take on the 12-week trial.

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Who can apply for a pardon in Canada?

Canada’s pardon (Record Suspension) system is open to people convicted of an offence. However, there are wait times and some types of charges are ineligible.

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Will Mulroney bring ideology to AG role?

Conservative governments tend to take a counterproductive role to complex criminal justice issues, says columnist. Will Caroline Mulroney do the same?

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