Weekend Roundup: Marijuana bill moves to Senate

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Marijuana legalization

Marijuana bill moves to Senate

Canada’s marijuana legalization bill, C-45, has moved to the Senate, but there is no guarantee of smooth sailing as Conservative Senators have vowed to hold up passage of the bill.

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Canadians split on whether government should meet its legalization deadline

An Angus Reid poll found that Canadians were split on whether the country is ready to meet the July 1 deadline to legalize recreational marijuana.

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Marijuana companies are consolidating

The impending legalization of recreational marijuana is causing existing companies to get bigger through mergers and consolidation in order to face new competition.

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Jobs and economy

Canada’s jobless rate down in November

Canada’s jobless rate is continuing to fall according to Statistics Canada. The country added 79,500 during November.

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Unemployment drops in Alberta, but fewer people are looking for work

Alberta’s unemployment rate fell in November, but Statistics Canada says actual employment levels stayed flat.

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BC leads in job creation in November

British Columbia added 18,200 in November and it’s unemployment rate remained the lowest in the country, according to Statistics Canada. Construction was a growing sector.

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LGBTQ Pardons

Government plans pardons for people convicted of laws against homosexuality

The government issued an apology to Canadians affected by discriminatory laws and workplace practices based on sexual orientation. The next step is to issue pardons for those charged under laws that have since been struck down.

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Criminal justice

BC cracks down on gun trade

Most guns traded, bought or stolen in BC originate from within Canada. The BC government has created a task force to find solutions to the homegrown trade.

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Criminal records

Travelling to foreign countries with a criminal record

All countries have different policies about allowing travelers with criminal records to enter. Depending on the country, you may need a pardon or waiver.

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How long do convictions stay on a record

In Canada, convictions don’t expire. A person who has served their sentence and waited the designated waiting period can apply for a Record Suspension.

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