Weekend Roundup: Marijuana-impaired driving issue adds to legalization delay

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Marijuana legalization

Senate struggles with pot-impaired driving issue

There is no consensus on how to measure levels of THC in relation to driving impairment which is causing delays for the passage of marijuana legalization as the Senate studies the issue.

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Will Canada break international laws by legalizing marijuana?

The International Narcotics Control Board is concerned about Canada’s plans to legalize recreational marijuana, which it believes may violate international conventions.

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Will the US use NAFTA to take on Canadian marijuana?

While the US is cracking down on marijuana, Canada is preparing to legalize it. Will this cause more problems for the already troubled NAFTA negotiations?

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Jobs and economy

Oil and gas jobs gone for good

Although Alberta’s economy is on the rebound, many of the oil and gas jobs lost will not return, says an economist.

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Alberta releases plans to diversify energy sector

New bill announced to give subsidies and incentives to help promote projects that diversify Alberta’s energy sector.

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Alberta threatens to turn off the pipes to BC

Premier Rachel Notley threatened to turn off oil destined to BC in response to stalling on the Kinder Morgan pipeline.

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Alberta will fight back on steel tariffs

Alberta exports $500 million worth of steel a year to the United States, meaning Trump’s tariff threats would have a significant impact if approved.

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BC maintains lowest unemployment rate

BC continued to maintain the lowest unemployment rate in Canada in the latest Statistics Canada job numbers.

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Criminal records

Can you drive for Uber or Lyft with a record?

Uber is making increasing inroads into Canada and could be coming to BC soon. Lyft has just entered the Toronto market, but can you be a rideshare driver with a criminal record?

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Why does Canada deny entry to people with DUIs?

In many countries, such as the United States and the EU nations, DUI is not a big deal for border guards. This is not the case in Canada where a foreigner with a DUI can be banned for at least 10 years.

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