Weekend Roundup: Record number of phone and laptop searches at border

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Record levels of phone and laptop searches at the US border

Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers searched 30,200 devices between October 2016 and September 2017.

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Proposed body may not improve border services accountability

A report for the Public Safety Ministry proposes a commission to investigate complaints about Canada’s border services. However, some experts say it may not go far enough in ensuring accountability.

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Broken sign leads to three hour waits at Pacific and Peace Arch border crossings

A broken sign on Washington’s I5 left drivers in the dark about wait times at BC’s two busiest crossings, Pacific and Peace Arch during the holiday weekend. People waited as long as three hours to enter Canada.

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What crimes will make a person ineligible to Canada?

Every country has its own rules on who can enter with a criminal record. Canada is one of the strictest nations when it comes to criminal records with most crimes making a person ineligible for at least 10 years.

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Where can you travel with a DUI?

Countries around the world differ in their tolerance for foreigners with drinking and driving convictions. There are some countries that will allow people with this common offence to enter.

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Criminal records

Private members bill seeks to ban criminal record discrimination

An Ontario private member’s bill would prevent employers from discriminating on the basis of a record regardless of whether or not the person has received a pardon or Record Suspension.

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Marijuana legalization

US could crackdown on marijuana in legalized states

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions is not fond of legalized marijuana in certain US states and could provoke a crackdown. Learn how this could affect Canada.

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Don’t cross the border with marijuana warn US border officials

In light of plans to legalize recreational marijuana officials are reminding Canadians that marijuana isn’t welcome at the border even if you are entering a legalized state such as Washington.

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Canada reaches lowest jobless rate since 1976

Canada continued to add more jobs in December reaching the lowest jobless rate since 1976 – 5.7 per cent. In total 79,000 jobs were added.

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Alberta employment rebounds

Alberta employment has rebounded to levels seen before the oil slump. The province posted 26,000 new jobs last month, most of them full-time.

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