Trump considers Muhammad Ali pardon

Trump said he was considering a pardon for the late boxer Muhammad Ali. However, Ali has no criminal record.

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More human rights protections needed for people with criminal records

Column calls on Ontario to offer more protections for people with criminal records to help them reintegrate into society.

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Can the Prime Minister of Canada issue pardons?

The Prime Minister cannot use his office to pardon people, but there are options for the federal cabinet to recommend pardons in limited circumstances.

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Marijuana legalization

What happens to the counter-culture when marijuana becomes mainstream?

Cannabis culture has been part of Canada since the 1960s, but how will musicians and artists adapt to the mainstreaming of marijuana?

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Black market will live on after legalization

Many Canadians will opt to continue to buy marijuana on the black market due to price and availability, say researchers.

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Alberta could be a leader in retail marijuana

Private sector system planned in Alberta lead to excitement for many budding marijuana entrepreneurs. Other provinces are planning public sector stores.

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Marijuana delivery businesses popping up in Vancouver

Vancouver’s “grey market” in marijuana is so entrenched that it may be the biggest threat to plans to direct consumers to the regulated industry.

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Indigenous committee came close to postponing legalization

Canada’s marijuana bill has been approved with amendments by the Senate, but it came close to being indefinitely postponed.

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What will be the role of the Marijuana Party after legalization?

The Marijuana Party is facing an uncertain future, but there’s still work to do. The party’s leader says legalization, as introduced by the Liberals, is not what they envisioned.

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Entering Canada

How long does Criminal Rehabilitation take?

Getting into Canada with a criminal record isn’t easy. However, Criminal Rehabilitation provides a permanent solution to inadmissibility. Learn how long it takes.

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