Weekend Update: Bill could result in less court representation

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Criminal records

Students and paralegals could be prevented from representing accused

Fewer cases would be eligible for representation by non-lawyers in provincial court if the government goes ahead with its plan to reduce delays by increasing the sentences for summary convictions.

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Uber introduces annual criminal record checks

Uber is introducing annual background checks in the United States and constant monitoring after incidents involving drivers tarnished its corporate image. The new policies may roll out to other countries soon.

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What happens when a person is denied entry at the airport

Being denied entry to Canada or the United States can be expensive and stressful, especially when it happens at the airport. Learn how to prevent denied entry at the airport.

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Ontario bill would prevent criminal record discrimination

An Ontario Liberal MPP proposed a bill last fall to prevent discrimination based on a police record. Will the bill survive the next election?

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Marijuana legalization

Leduc region could see 200 new jobs in marijuana production

Three companies are considering establishing plants in the Leduc region of Alberta. A report states the region could see 200 new jobs and $5 million in production this year.

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4/20 event will continue after legalization

The issues of prohibition won’t end after legalization, nor will the annual 4/20 event, which is both a protest and a celebration.

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Jobs and Economy

Unemployment rate still lowest in decades

Despite fears that Canada’s economy is slowing, the employment rate remains strong according to recent statistics.

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Record high social assistance rates in Alberta

Despite signs of economic recovery in Alberta, the number of people on social assistance has continued to climb in the province.

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Trump trade war threatens BC pulp mills

Unifor is warning that duties imposed on products produced by Catalyst Paper are putting BC jobs at risk.

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Western Business Outlook predicts continued growth for BC

The Conference Board of Canada predicts continued growth for BC with trade issues and a cooling real estate market providing potential obstacles.

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