Are you missing out on your success?

There are many ways a criminal record can affect you. You can lose out on jobs, promotions, trips, and opportunities. Break free from the limitations of a criminal record. Seal your record and get back in the driver’s seat.

  • Apply for your dream job: Nurse, firefighter, security guard, accountant – the number of jobs that require a background check is growing rapidly. Companies have greater access to data and less tolerance for risk. You are likely to face a record check at some point during your job search.
  • Travel abroad: The US government does not recognize Canadian pardons or Record Suspensions. However, you may be able to travel to destinations abroad, apply for study and work permits or hop on a Caribbean cruise. Put your past behind you and experience the thrill of adventure.
  • Find the right home: Housing is competitive in Canada, especially in big cities like Toronto and Vancouver. Landlords have the upper hand and will often request background checks. You could lose out on the apartment close to work or the affordable house with a great backyard. Don’t settle for less.

A criminal record can affect your career, travel opportunities, social life and peace of mind.

  • A Record Suspension (Canadian Pardon) removes your criminal record.
  • A US Entry Waiver allows you to enter the US without risk of arrest, deportation or property seizure.
  • A Canadian Waiver allows you to enter Canada freely.

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Record Suspension

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