Whether or not you need a US Entry Waiver depends on the type of offence on your record. If you travel to the United States, you do not want any hassles at the border. If you have a criminal record in Canada, you can experience more than simple delays. Your property, such as your car, might be seized. You may be detained and barred from ever again entering the U.S. Anyone travelling with you can suffer the same consequences.

You may believe that a Record Suspension is all you need to travel outside of Canada. While a Record Suspension does remove your criminal record from the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC) database, it is not enough for the US authorities. Border security does not recognize a Record Suspension, and you may still be required to disclose your criminal record.

However, a US Entry Waiver is issued by the Department of Homeland Security. It has more authority than U.S. border guards. With this waiver, you can enter into the US without the barrier of a criminal conviction.

There are many reasons that you may want a US Entry Waiver. You may get a new job that requires travel to the US. You may want to shop across the border or vacation down south. Whatever your reasons, having the waiver ready to go can prevent serious consequences for you and your loved ones.