The documentation required for a US Entry Waiver includes the following:

  1. Evidence of citizenship
  2. Completed I-192 Waiver and G-325a forms
  3. A copy of your criminal record (if you were denied due to criminal convictions)
  4. Certified copies of the official court records pertaining to all convictions outside the United States
  5. Payment to the Department of Homeland Security for $585 USD.

There are also additional documents that may be required depending on your particular circumstances. There are many additional documents that are necessary for a successful application. These include:

  1. A letter of circumstance written by you, detailing the circumstances of any criminal offences (if applicable), as well as why you want to enter the United States.
  2. Two letters of reference written by reputable persons known to you.
  3. A letter from your employer detailing your current employment status, OR a copy of your latest income tax assessment.

These are not exhaustive lists as to what may be submitted with a US Entry Waiver, and in fact some additional documents are required by U.S. Customs and Border Protection for certain offences. For example, a recent drug test will be required for anyone convicted of a narcotics or drug offence to confirm that they are not currently a user of illegal drugs.