Yes, a DUI will appear on a background check. This is because a DUI is considered a criminal offence in Canada. To remove it, you will need to apply for a Record Suspension. However, you likely do not need a waiver to enter the United States.

A DUI is considered a hybrid offence. This means that it can be tried as a Summary offence or an Indictable offence. If you have a DUI on your record, you will need to determine whether it was summary or indictable. This will affect whether you need to wait five years for a Record Suspension or 10 years.

Once you have cleared your DUI record you can apply for jobs without worrying about the background check. However, a Record Suspension will not help you with higher insurance rates, or with a driver’s licence suspension. If you have a DUI, there could be penalties based on your driver’s abstract. The insurance companies will still be able to see that you have a DUI on your driver’s abstract. Depending on the province in which you live, a DUI penalty on insurance could go back six years.

As well, if you want to work in a driving position, such as truck driving, taxi driving or courier, you might be asked to provide a driver’s abstract. Depending on how long ago the DUI occurred, the circumstances might appear.