A US Entry Waiver is generally good for one to five years. US Entry Waivers are essential documents for Canadians who have a criminal record and need to travel to the US. Since a Canadian pardon is not recognized by the U.S. authorities, Canadians who try to travel to the US risk of being detained or having property seized if they have a criminal record.

A US Entry Waiver is authorized by the Department of Homeland Security. They will decide how long the waiver will be when they consider your application. Generally, it depends on the seriousness of the crime and the age of the conviction. Usually your first waiver will be for a shorter time period, although we have had several clients receive the maximum five years on their first attempt. A waiver is renewable, so you can continue to travel to the US for many years as long as you possess the right documentation.

Since the US government requires specific supporting documentation in order to proceed with a US Entry Waiver application, you may want to useĀ our service to assist you. With the right guidance, you can have confidence your application is complete and should not be rejected on technical grounds.