How does AllCleared keep me updated?

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AllCleared advisors keep clients updated on their files

There are several ways that you will be updated on the progress of your file. Our service includes a state of the art records management system. This system tracks your file activity. You can check it at anytime 24/7 by logging in through your secure online portal.

As soon as you sign up with AllCleared, you will be sent access details to your personal file. There you can stay up to date with the status of your file.

You can also call or email. Our staff are available with extended hours Monday to Friday. Meanwhile we do our part by letting you know about document requirements, sending reminders and general updates. Our experienced staff keeps on top of the legislation on both sides of the border that affects pardons (Record Suspension) and travel waivers. This includes monitoring news from the Parole Board of Canada and the Department of Homeland Security. You can stay current by receiving our newsletter. If anything affects your file directly, we will update you.

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