It takes roughly a year to get a US Entry Waiver. Without one, a criminal record can be a barrier to travel to the US from Canada. A US Entry Waiver eliminates that barrier by providing approval to enter the country.

The process of getting an entry waiver is quite lengthy. It can take eight to 18 months from start to finish. The applicant must provide extensive documentation, such as proof of citizenship, court documents, and possibly reference letters and personal statements.

Despite the burdensome process, getting an entry waiver is essential to ensuring you can travel to the US Even if you don’t plan to land in the US for your next vacation, you may travel through the country during a layover. A future job may require you to make business trips to the US, and you don’t want to get caught in an embarrassing or risky situation because of an old criminal conviction.

US Entry Waivers are given for a period of one to five years, and may be renewed. We can assist you with the process to make sure it’s done correctly and gives you the best chance of approval.