To apply for a US Entry Waiver you need to put together an application package demonstrating that you are now a law-abiding person who poses no risk to the country. A US Entry Waiver eliminates the risk associated with entering the US with a criminal record. Since the US authorities do not recognize Canadian pardons, it is essential that you obtain a waiver or risk loss of property or being detained in the US because of your record.

The process of applying for a US Entry Waiver involves collecting supporting documentation, such as court information and proof of citizenship. You’ll have to be fingerprinted in order to receive a copy of your criminal record.

You will also be required to compose a personal statement and get reference letters from people who can speak to your character. A doctor’s certificate may also be included as part of your application, depending on the nature of the offence on your criminal record. They will also want to know that you have employment or other income (such as self-employed or pension income).

If you do not want to gather all of the documentation on your own, Pardon Services Canada processing specialists are experts in the US Entry Waiver application. In addition to collecting documentation, they will ensure that your application is complete and has the best possible chance of success.