You should retain AllCleared’s services if you want to save time and ensure that your application is full and complete.

AllCleared processes files faster. We can save you time on your application and help you get cleared faster for work, travel, education or volunteering. An estimated 44% of applications for Canadian Record Suspensions (Pardons) filed directly by individuals without assistance are rejected or returned as incomplete or ineligible. AllCleared has been compiling pardon, Record Suspension and US Entry Waiver applications since 1989. We have a full-time immigration consultant on staff to help US residents come to Canada. Our expertise is reflected in our results. We guarantee that your application will be accepted for filing and full and complete.

Many people find the process of compiling a Record Suspension (Pardon) application on their own time-consuming, difficult, and lengthy. While the process of compiling the application seems simple in theory, the reality is rarely so easy. Knowing where to go, and what information is needed can quickly become a daunting task without the proper expertise. Each individual court or police agency from which information is requested can have their own protocols or requirements, making the application that much more difficult.

Not only do we have experience in this area, but we have also developed partnerships that allow us to process files faster. Most pardon companies will make you wait up to four months while the RCMP processes your Certified Criminal Record check request. Only then will they start collecting your other documents. We can start collecting documents right away because of our police partnership.