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Chuck Mercier, AllCleared Vice-President

Chuck Mercier

Chuck Mercier, Vice-President, joined AllCleared in 2012 when the Canadian Government changed the rules concerning Pardons in Canada. Mercier’s extensive knowledge of Canadian Law, 32 years of police service, including time as the Deputy Chief of Durham Regional Police Service, and 4 years as Mayor of Scugog Township made him invaluable to AllCleared.

He is an active advocate of streamlining the record suspension and immigration policies in a way which protect national interests while providing people living with criminal records an unencumbered way to start fresh.


Mercier is a Member of the Order of Merit, the Honorary Colonel of the Ontario Regiment, and a recipient of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his service to veterans.

Chuck Mercier is the Vice-President of AllCleared, a former mayor of Scugog Township, and former Deputy Police Chief for Durham Regional. He is available to comment on government policy, rehabilitation, and other issues related to helping people with criminal records start fresh. To speak with Mercier, contact AllCleared at 1-866-972-7366.